Re-springing your Step – Return to veganism

Go back a few years and there was zero support when I originally became a vegan.  My mother tried sneaking all kind of things into the food she prepared for me, which led to teenage rebellion and having mushroom and courgettes on toast for six months straight.

Returning to a gentler way of life was so easy this time.

Over the last fifteen years the vegan lifestyle had become widespread and more acceptable. Celebrities and soccer stars came out of the closet as being vegan and it seems to be on the upward surge of popularity.

When I came across the concept of Veganuary it was the ideal shift. Those around me didn’t have much to comment on it anymore – the fact that I made them vegan food that was very tasty definitely helped.

I experienced the positive effects of cutting out the cruelty factor from my body.  You don’t feel sluggish and ‘greasy’ when you enjoy vegan meals.  I felt invigorated and well nourished. The worsening symptoms of arthritis slowed down. This all within a few days.  I was astounded at the difference it made.  A kinder lifestyle was certainly showcasing it’s benefits!

Twenty-one days into the ‘pledge’ and I cannot imagine changing back to the way things were.


I would love to know what you think!

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