Flashbacks and brassicas

If every action creates a reaction, and every choice stipulates what path you will end up on, then childhood forms an entire lifetime.

All the usual memories are there from childhood, play dates with friends, days spent on the beach during summer (and winter) holidays, various things that would happen during school and then perhaps the less common ones of riding on the back of a pick up truck with my father slowly surveying the crops and workers harvesting those crisp dewy vegetables, the fun afternoons spent tending to my beans and strawberries that I planted everywhere in my mother’s garden.  Rescuing a little duckling in town and having it grow up in the house – my German Shepard was very gentle at first, but didn’t approve much when the duck started chasing him.

Everywhere I have lived I’ve continued my little bean garden.  Until I moved in to my current home a few years ago.  I’ve grown tomatoes, butternut, and passion fruit , but never beans.  All of these were literally washed away during a flash flood when a nearby river bank broke.  My little garden has never been the same since.

Childhood, however, has this magical quality where if you think about it the sunny days are so much brighter and grass always greener.

Childhood is shaping a new start in my house and I’m very excited about sharing it all with you.

The Transporter


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