Going vegan in The City

Cape Town Table Mountain

Cape Town – The Mother City

I see myself now as a reflection of what I want for my friends and family, all the people around, and most specifically my child.

A community that makes conscious choices, striving for the greater good, a desire for a sustainable future.

A vegan life, I believe, is one hell of a big step in that direction. And the world seems to be taking note one person at a time that converts to a cruelty free existence.  The vegan way of life has the potential to be the biggest domino effect for a better quality of life.

South Africa seems to be the ideal spring-board for this concept.  In this beautifully diverse country we strive to be better, kinder, wiser.  Yet in a country with a population putting such strain on its natural resources the idea of sustainability is only just taking root.

Great actions and achievements starts with one person or the spark of change taking hold in our thoughts.

How do you live a more sustainable life?

Sustainable Living

Mirror, Mirror


I would love to know what you think!

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