MCV@Home – Saturday nights

Saturday at last.  That first week back at work for S has been a nice quiet week at home for me.  I’ve been able to use the time to get a lot of work done (including starting this blog! I would love to hear if you like it).

Weekends are the best however.  It started off lazily enough with S taking the baby for an hour while I slept in and then we took her for her first swimming lesson.  What an absolute nature loving child. Total water baby who loves her fresh, crunchy veggies now that she has sprouted a couple of teeth to munch them with.

With me being mostly home during the day now we try to eat our ‘main’ cooked meal during the day. It makes it so much easier at night when its been a frequent meal this week to have a bowl of fruit with some cucumber.  Easy to prepare a meal for the little one like that and get her to try new flavors.  She’s not a huge fan of cooked food herself.  I think we might have a raw baby on our hands soon.

S cooked dinner an early dinner for us tonight though.  He really enjoys going for the wow factor when cooking at home.

What a flavorful and hearty savory rice dish with a medley of mushrooms (Shimiji’s, Blacks, and Portabellini) and a chunky tomato sauce.

I’m really going to have to start posting photo’s soon.

My favorite things for a Saturday night at home? Watermelon, a nice wine and antipasti.

In the meantime, feet up with a big glass of red.



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