MCV@Home – Easy like Sunday mornings

  • It comes from too many years working crazy days, from dawn till dusk.  I like my Sundays chilled out and perfectly lazy.

    Having a little one in the house of course means that sleeping late is only a luxury that S gives me when he entertains the little love tornado while I hit the snooze button.

    Yesterday we we’re all up early and in the Helderberg Nature Reserve at 8am for a lekker morning walk.  I used to love going camping and hiking.  This was all before life as a chef became the new normal.

    It really was a fantastic way to start the day with family and friends – the older kiddos running in front and baba on dad’s back. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated even after a short trail of 2.8kms.

    We headed to the Blaauwklippen Market afterwards where with a delicious ‘green smoothie’ in hand I discovered something that made my heart tick a little faster.  95% chocolate bars courtesy of Cocoafair.

    95% Dark Couverture from CocoaFair

    95% Dark Couverture from CocoaFair

    Such an awesome, lazy day finished off with some veggie and tofu skewers on the braai before Monday brings us back to reality and putting more effort into our lives.

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