MCV@Home -Meat Free Monday

I never need an excuse to have pea soup.  It’s the second time in the past few days in fact, but I decided to put a little song in my heart and dress it up for Meat Free Mondays.

Pea & Barley soup with panzanella salsa

Pea & Barley soup with panzanella salsa

Pea Soup with Barley and Panzanella salsa

1/2 Bag dried split peas – Soaked and cooked in about two litres of stock liquid

1/2 Bag Pearl Barley – Soaked and cooked in salted water

Two cups of your favorite salad veggies.  In addition to the lovely ripe tomatoes that I had been eying in the fridge over the weekend I also used red onion, courgettes and pumpkin. Cut it all into bite sized little cubes and put in a roasting tray with a light coat of oil and cover with foil.  Into the oven at 200 degrees until cooked.

One thick slice of bread (I used sourdough), cut into cubes. Toss the bread in oil and cook to golden and crisp in a pan with garlic.

Mix together the vegetables and croutons and season with flaky sea salt, black pepper and lemon.

Serve up the soup with a helping of barley and top off with the salsa.

I’m definitely going to have to pull out the old camera and take some proper photo’s before we start munching.


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