Date night, sushi and moving forward

Last night was date night.  It has been a very interesting four weeks so far since I quit my restaurant job,  started focusing on my family,  product testing some ideas, and wrote the first post on this blog.  Did I mention I had the ‘in-laws’ here for six weeks as well over the holidays.  There’s been a lot of things going on and date night was definitely needed for us to reconnect a little.

The feeling of something being amiss had slowly been building since becoming vegan.  It wasn’t as a result of being a vegan.  And it wasn’t cheese or a nice smear of butter on warm bread.  It was particularly nori – which is my real, never before admitted reason for loving sushi.  It had been forever since I had enjoyed the flavors that drive my taste buds wild.

Asami’s had opened nearby recently with favorable reviews so that’s where we went.

I was a little hesitant to ask for a ‘vegan option’ or to change any of the menu items.  As a chef I know how the kitchen reacts when guests comes with any kind of change to dishes.  Quietly and politely I asked the waiter if I could order vegetarian options without mayo, caviar etc.

Not a problem!

What a pleasure and it’s great knowing where to go for really good sushi that we can both enjoy.  I can quite happily have avocado maki and vegetable hand-rolls again and again, but there’s a whole big world of options open for us.

It’s so awesome to see how easy it has become to eat and eat out as a vegan in South Africa. The first blog I ever started was also a food blog, but I can’t recall if it was this fun to post.  A real sense of knowing that I’m part of a community started blooming from the first entry I posted.

I’m really excited to see where this blog will be this time next year. What will the voice of this blog sound like in a few months time I wonder, will I still have the same plan for it then.  As I put everything together in my mind it all starts to snowball into what I would like it to be.

I can’t wait to have it all unfold.

And FYI: Here’s a great guide to vegan sushi from The Vegan Woman.



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