How to rock out going vegan

vegan symbol

Did you think that being vegan was one big yawn? Or for that matter that it’s difficult?  Neither hits the nail on the head.  It’s real easy to go vegan and with the fresh and exciting options available for your meals alone it’s hardly boring.

Here’s some easy to follow tips:

1.  Eat fresh or read the label

Fresh is always best.  You get to choose exactly what and how you want to eat it.  In the beginning it might be challenging especially if your kitchen skills aren’t up to scratch, but you will catch on real quick.  And unless you want to memorize the really long list of vegan unfriendly additives that is far to prevalent in what we eat, you are better off with buying fresh produce and locally produced products.

2.  Don’t give up

The first while after ‘the change’ is when you will be most likely to unwittingly ingest or use a product that is in fact not vegan.  Don’t be discouraged and give up.  It has happened to most of us at some point.  You’re doing the right thing by wanting to live a kind life.  Don’t feel like it’s a set back

3.  Enjoy it

The more you enjoy your choices the better your chances to carry on.  Don’t get caught in a cycle where you eat vegan bolognaise for days on end because you don’t know what else to make.  Follow blogs like this one, check out youtube videos and google recipes to try out.  You will discover your own style soon enough.

Very important here is that instead of thinking of what you can’t have you focus on what you can have.

4.  Have back up

Join a Facebook group for your area.  it’s a great way to pick up on new products, news and recipes.  Many times you will also find meetups. Secondly try to meet up with vegans close to you.  We are a very friendly bunch and very happy to help out each other.

5.  Leave the cold turkey for the turkeys

This is my personal opinion.  I don’t believe that transitioning out bad habits work in this case.  Rather plan your switch over and have vegan options ready for when you start.  My first thought the morning I woke up to Day 1 of being vegan and seeing the cup of black coffee next to my bed wasn’t ‘I want milk!’ it was ‘I forgot the milk (alternative)!’ I just went to the shop, looked at what was available and carried on.

You can do it! Good luck!


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