Tasty tomato sauce and vegan pizza

Whenever I go to shopping for veggies I’m always on the lookout for something that I could propagate in my own garden.  I suspect it comes from my childhood love of sprouting cotton wool shrouded beans on the kitchen windowsill.  We had these fantastic Romanita tomatoes just chilling in the fridge and I had started to hatch my plan for lovely tomato harvests when I thought of making some home-made pizza.

Pizza dough is fairly simple, but I do like to add a little bit of stock powder to mine for extra infused flavor.  Alternatively you can just add some dried herbs etc.

For the sauce:

I took 1 block of my Wunderbar Coconut Butter Bar and added it to a hot pan.  Into the pan went two cloves or garlic, chopped fine and reduced the heat a little.  Half a white onion cut into thin slices followed.  While that cooked down and started to soften I cut in half my Romanita’s.  I used 6 and topped it up with half a bag (250g) of roma tomatoes.

Tomato sauce on the go

A splash of wine followed to moisten the mix. I added two sprigs of fresh oregano, but you can add your favorite or leave it out completely.

Leave the mix to cook down most of the moisture and the tomatoes are nice and soft.

Cool slightly and blend until smooth.  Having added the wine, I didn’t feel it necessary to add any additional salt.

Finished tomato sauce

The coconut butter made the mix so rich and creamy even though only a small amount had been added right at the beginning of the cooking process.

“When the Moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!”

Home-made pizza


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