That’s how I like it Beyoncé

Beyoncé is doing vegans all around the world a solid. Being / eating vegan is about to become hot.

For about one hot minute…

At the best of times being vegan is a one-way ticket to getting uphill from everyone who has an opinion it seems.

It is frustrating however that this is really what it comes down to when you try to create a normal image of being vegan. Let’s face it, Beyoncé will probably get ridiculed at some point as well. Not that I’m that big a fan of her in the first place.

If I’m honest my first reaction upon spotting the “Beyoncé does vegan” headline was a mild raise of an eyebrow. Somehow I don’t believe that it’s going to survive the hype that will initially be created. The proof is in the pudding when it comes to being a vegan. Show casing a healthy, caring way of life. Not how much marketing clout you have. Why is she promoting a vegan meal service when she doesn’t follow it herself? It shouldn’t be a quick fix diet option.
Opposed parties find it far too entertaining taking jibes at us on a daily basis. The most recent line I’ve heard was the good old standby of “How do you know someone is vegan? They tell you!”

Having Beyoncé recommend and endorse vegan meals will not stop it being awkward eating out. “Yip, I’ll have the greek salad without feta, avo instead with a side order of fries please”. Because you know that’s what I really want to pay for when I go out to enjoy a meal and have to settle being the odd vegan out.

Yes, being vegan will be hot soon. Hot in a boxed in, can I please eat somewhere my cat isn’t the only one staring at me, kind of way.


One thought on “That’s how I like it Beyoncé

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